Bulwark Group Residential Security

Residential Security

Bulwark Group are specialised in private residential security and can uniquely implement any single or combination of bespoke protective solutions.

Our approach is to adapt the posture and profile of our solutions to meet the needs of our clients image, location sensitivities or counter a specific threat.

Everything from an operatives order of dress to the types of vehicles used can be tailored in accordance with any or all of the above. It is this flexibility that allows us to meet exact requirements associated with the security of private residences and to achieve greater operational integrity of an assignment.

As a client of Bulwark Group you will enjoy complimentary use of our exclusive concierge and executive driving service.

Our priority is to protect:-

  • Personnel safety of your family
  • Personnel safety of yourself
  • Maintaining privacy
  • Prevention of theft and intrusion
  • Prevention of loss and damage

The solutions we offer are as follows:

  • Overt patrols
  • Covert patrols
  • K-9 patrols overt/covert
  • Protective Surveillance
  • Technical surveillance counter measures
  • Alarm response (K-9 search)
  • House sitting
  • Pattern of life creation
  • CCTV Monitoring
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Bulwark Group Residential Security 3