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K-9 Services

For the protection of people, property, assets and operations, dogs are a unique asset offering many invaluable
qualities. For hundreds of years dogs have been used to guard and protect. Psychologically demoralising to
criminals, security dogs are an unrivalled deterrent. The training and application of todays working dog is reliant
on all the natural protective, prey and drive instincts ingrained in their DNA over centuries.

Today more and more individuals and companies in the UK are turning to highly trained security or protection dogs to guarantee the security of the people and things most important to them. Our handlers and dogs are an unique asset with endless applications and benefits over CCTV and traditional security guarding. A force multiplier, security dog handling is a cost effective answer to protecting larger areas or open space where multiple personnel are required.

General Purpose Security Dog Handling

Bulwark Group can provide dog handlers for a number of different purposes.

  • Film Sets
  • Concerts
  • Private Estates
  • Private Parties
  • Sporting Events
  • General Security Patrolling
  • Residence Security Teams

At Bulwark Group we recognise that each individual and assignment has its own unique requirements. We can tailor our dog handling service to suit your needs. Our handlers will adopt a profile specific to each assignment and can be as discreet or obvious as you like.

All our handlers hold recognised industry certification, are trained by NASDU/BIPDT/HOME OFFICE approved
trainers. In addition to this we also have our own assessment and training centre where new dog handlers are trained and assessed by BIPDT and Home Office instructors.

Mobile Dog Patrols

An extremely cost effective, highly efficient method of deterring criminal activity.

Our mobile patrols can be deployed in a profile specific to our operating enviroment and our clients requirements. This means the choice of marked or unmarked vehicles and hi-viz or tactically dressed opratives. These factors are especially important whilst operating in a private residential environment.

We can conduct dog patrol’s from as little as one hour per night at a time of your choosing. These highly visable patrols conducted at random times throughout the night/ week as requested, and in conjunction with prominent warning signs are a low cost solution for many clients looking to add to existing security, increase security at vulnerable times or even to raise a company profile.

This service is also available as an emergency call out/alarm response service. We will also attend an alarm callout with your your key holder to ensure their safety and conduct a fast an efficient search of your premises with a specialy trainded dog.

Protection Dogs

Bulwark Group provide trained protection dogs with close protection licenced handlers for use on close protection assignments or as a stand alone service.

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