About Us

Newcastle based Bulwark Group Limited was founded five years ago to offer premium protection services to the professional and business people of North East England, whatever their personal or business circumstances.

In keeping with this ambition, Bulwark Group only recruits operatives with military or police experience. In order to find these highly motivated, professional personnel the company works closely with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), the Ministry of Defence agency which helps ex-servicemen and women make the transfer to civilian life.

This policy has allowed Bulwark Group to assemble a team of trustworthy and highly trained operatives, all of whom are instilled with the military ethos to go above and beyond merely doing a job. We can therefor offer the exceptional levels of service our clients require across a wide range of security tasks including:


  • Private & Residential Security – discreet and effective protection of persons and property, including a complimentary executive driver and concierge service.
  • Executive Driving – whether you need a prestigious vehicle and driver for a single journey or as a regular service we can provide a tailor-made solution.
  • Close Protection – from single bodyguards to larger teams, we can provide all levels of close protection for persons of high net worth and individuals who may be at risk.
  • K9 & Special Projects – we also have specialist dog handlers and other personnel trained to deal with specific threats and situations of a highly confidential nature.